Bryce's Biography & Background

Bryce was born and raised in Dillingham and graduated from Dillingham High School in 1979. He earned a degree in Finance from the University of Alaska, Anchorage in 1988. Bryce is married to Melody Nibeck and they have a 7 year old son (Evan). The family lives in Dillingham.

Current Occupation
Bryce is chairman of the Choggiung Limited Village Corporation, a village corporation with over 1,650 shareholders. He and wife Melody are owners of Edgmon Rentals.

Political and Government Positions
Staff, Alaska Legislature (House/Senate)
Representative for House District 37
Member, House Special Committee on Fisheries
Member, House Resources Committee
Member, Finance Subcommittee on Education & Early Development
Member, Finance Subcommittee on Fish & Game
Member, Legislative Committee on Energy
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Executive Branch Experience
CDQ Manager, State of Alaska
Rural Affairs Specialist, State of Alaska

Private Sector Experience
Chief Operating Officer, BBEDC
Small business owner
Former Commercial Fisherman (20 years)

Board Experience
Board Chairman, Choggiung Ltd.
Former Board Member, Southwest Alaska Vocational Education Center (SAVEC)
Former Member, City of Dillingham, Planning Commission